With the IT industry and technology changing at breakneck speed, success of yesterday could mean nothing today. Against this background, if you are able to utilize market and technology information necessary to understand changing trend in a fast manner with the language you can understand, it will give you tremendous power in strengthening competitiveness as an enterprise and an individual as well.

Since founded in 1997 as an IT- specialized translation agency, IPI Communications Inc. has provided IT-specialized translation services based on years of cumulative know-how, skilled professional translators and Translation Memory under the goal to satisfy customers with best quality translation.

Furthermore, IPI communications is offering IT companies the portfolio of numerous IT marketing intelligence services including news coverage & article writing, news clipping, company brochure/product leaflet production and creation of various marketing materials (brochure, press release, web site contents and others).

IPI Communications will continue to deliver first-class translation services specialized in the IT industry and IT marketing intelligence services. We will exert all the efforts in our power to not only satisfy but also impress our customers.

Thank you.

Lee, Mi-Kyung ..


IPI Communications Inc.