Based on years of cumulative know-how, skilled professional translators and Translation memory, IPI Communications has offered IT businesses translation services for web sites, training documents, manuals and various marketing/PR documents including white papers, brochures, leaflets, success stores and press releases. We are eager to satisfy customers by offering best quality translation.

The sustained relations with our customers are good evidence that we are delivering high-quality translation services. Another case in point of telling our superb service is that new customers are mostly coming to knock on our door via the referral of existing customers.

  Deliver perfect translation outputs

Secure and nurture professional translators

Offer customized services meeting customer needs

  IT business homepage

IT related white papers

Various marketing materials of IT companies including brochures,
....leaflets, success stories, press releases, and presentation

Press releases and articles on IT industry

IT-related books and manuals

Multimedia materials such as audio & video clips, etc.

Dispatch of interpreters for various meetings and conferences